Getting Started

This documentation will cover some of the basics of the project, and hopefully put you in a position to run the experiment and analyze data yourself.

Running the Experiment

The experiment protocol can be found on Dropbox at DJW_Projects/02_FOOD_REG/PAPERWORK/fMRI_Food_Regulation_Experiment_Protocol.gdoc

The protocol includes information regarding:

  • Booking Scanner Time
  • Recruiting Participants
  • Running Study

The study questionnaire is a Google Form, and lives on the lab’s Google Drive account.

Data Storage

All data (raw and processed) are stored on external hard drive CH_ext_001. All files are in the folcer 2019_FoodReg_fMRI/.

Note that this drive is password protected.

Updating Documentation


Keep in mind that if you are using the Read the Docs documentation there is always the option to add/edit.

Just look for this image on the top right of the page:

edit on github image

Click on it (which automatically forks it), make your edits and then create a pull request.